Here are some frequently asked questions we receive:

How do I become a YMHC contributor?

To become a YMHC contributing writer, click here.

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What are the benefits of being a YMHC contributor?

The goal of the YMHC blog is to inspire, influence, educate and inform. We aim to provoke thought and discussion that influences mental health and suicide prevention. We use a social justice and equity lens to bring intersectionality to the mental health and suicide prevention field. We believe that mental health rights are human rights and that policies and legislation are more than beautiful words. We need action.

Action requires the engagement of lived and learned experience, youth, families and educators in youth mental health education, support, advocacy and change. The YMHC blog features two streams for lived and learned experience. Youth mental health needs to gain a better understanding of the challenges, experiences and needs of youth and their families. They play a critical role in youth mental health education, support and change.

Education and health care professionals also play an important role in youth mental health research, analysis and the development of evidence-based practices and approaches. Professionals with a combination of lived and learned experience provide  wonderful and valuable insight and awareness.

YMHC is proud of the contributions to provincial and national change in education we have made for students with mental health disabilities. We are proud of the influence we have had nationally and internationally in creating the largest and most engaged online mental health platform in Canada and youth mental health platform internationally. We know that we have influenced the youth mental health field on critical aspects of education and health for young people, specifically the inclusion of lived experience to drive change, the focus on non-attendance at school due to disabilities, commonly referred to as school refusal and the need to have active and meaningful engagement of youth, families and educators in youth mental health change.

We aim to build the biggest and most diverse collection of youth mental health and suicide prevention research, analysis, initiatives and actions that build on international best practices and incorporate culturally sensitive, trauma-informed and evidence, strength and hope-based learnings.

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Are there paid opportunities for YMHC contributors?

We do not offer compensation for general submissions.

Is there a wordcount for YMHC submissions?

We don’t have an official wordcount.

Can I submit a picture along with my story?

Yes, please include personal photos with your article. Please make sure if you’re sharing a photo of someone else, that person has given their consent. If you do include a photo, make sure it’s at least 1280 x 800 px and high quality. We won’t be able to feature photos that are too small.